Lost time with my family and money from eating out!

My Case: Last night I came home from job 1 to do an extra shift at my hobby job (library movie night staff). I didn’t have much time so we ordered 5 guys $60). I went to my hobby job and made $56. Lost time with my family and money from eating out! Frugal fail and I already saw the movie. What did people say? ⇒ Mary: Maybe look at it that because of the second job, you were able to pay for the 5 guys meal with only an additional $4. ⇒ Judi: You paid for a nice dinner and got to watch a free movie for 4 bucks. Change your thinking you will change your life. I call this a win. ⇒ Theresa: It's not a fail if you learned something. And it is clear that you did. Make the lesson complete by making changes. ⇒ Sandy: I’d say your second job is not helping you get ahead. You don’t say how old your kids are. You’ll never get those hours back. Do as much home cooking as you can( from scratch). Cut corners where you can and enjoy time with your family. Next month, next year, things could be

I need suggestions on frugal foods that fit medical conditions

 The Question: I eat very low carb/keto to control diabetes without meds. I had a bowel obstruction and need to eat very low fiber to help things pass without getting stuck again for a week or two. Any suggestions on ideas of what I can eat that won't break the bank, spike my blood sugar or cause another obstruction? What did people say? ⇒ Donna: Make your own bone broth. I use it as a midafternoon snack. ⇒ Nicole: It sounds like you need a carnivore diet. It's fairly popular and fits what you are looking for. Basically eat unprocessed or minimally process full fat animal products. Double check with your dietitian on your specific needs but it's quite reasonable if you by Mark down meat, pork, eggs etc. I got a ton of steak at 3-4 each by figuring out where and when to shop. ⇒ Mims: I eat a low carb lifestyle because I'm trying to lose weight and get rid of inflammation. I eat eggs, ground beef, canned tuna and chicken mostly for my proteins. I just shop around for t

My electricity company: Your house is performing inefficient compared to other houses your size

 The Question: I received an email from my electricity company stating that my house is performing inefficient compared to other houses my size. We don’t use the clothing dryer, run the dishwasher and washer in the late evening hours, I purchased a no-frills simple fridge that wouldn’t consume too much electricity. Half of my windows are new, and I keep the temperature in the summer at around 72°. What else am I missing? What did people say? ⇒ Maab: I just ignore those letters. I know I'm conserving as much as I can already. ⇒ Elizabeth: Some places offer a free energy assessment. ⇒ Amber: Could be that you keep your house at 72. I do as well, but recommended during high heat is 78. My perimenopausal self cannot do 78. I try to do 75 during the day, but I sit with a fan pointed directly at me. ⇒ Eileen Minor: Change lightbulbs to LED. Also, does the electric company offer a free energy review? Ours does and they will send someone out to go over potential issues. ⇒ Michele: I g

We hang out to dry 99% of our laundry

My Idea: Saves a lot on electricity plus we like the smell. We live where it gets VERY windy at times and our clothespins were constantly getting “ sprung” and the clothes would be then be left to fall to the ground. Found ourselves buying clothespins way too often. Looked up clothespins on Amazon thinking I’d find a stronger type. And boom! Found these! I was skeptical although the write up said they’d still hold onto your clothes in high winds. We’ve had these a year now and not one has sprung, nor let go of our clothes. They are pretty inexpensive too. Pen shown to.. What did people say? ⇒ Melissa: I never understood when people say they like the smell. What are you smelling, fabric softener, scented detergent? I hang my clothes and do not use either. What am I missing. My clothes just smell like clothes, nothing really. I have those clips mine are plastic coated in bright colors. I've had them for years and not enough of them. They are great for heavier items and very windy da

What do I cover dryer vent hole with?

The Question: My 30+ y/o dryer died and I had it hauled off and won’t be buying another for awhile (I’m retired, on my own, and trying to save every last cent). What do I cover dryer vent hole with? (need frugal suggestions please). Junk hauler told me to stick old rag or T-shirt. Can I use something like cardboard and duct tape? Thanks What did people say? ⇒ Mckay: I’d maybe put some steel wool in it too so animals can’t chew through it. ⇒ Angie F: Steel wool and duct tape. Mice and rats can't chew through steel wool. ⇒ Nancy: $10 and you can buy a cap in the furnace duct aisle. ⇒ Connie: My husband covered ours with a sheet of metal and screwed it to the floor on all corners. We taped over the hole first with duct tape so any insects would get stuck to the tape and not wiggle through a minuscule crack. Nothing is coming in that hole. ⇒ Kay: Steel wool/duct tape and then nail down an old cookie sheet or some other tin over it ⇒ Michele: If you don’t fill with steel wool mice

Does anyone know how to get a airport lounge pass for cheap?

The Question: Sometimes we have long layovers at airport. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.. What did people say? ⇒ Connie: Fly first class. We use Alaska airlines and miles. Hawaiian lounge pass we needed to pay for and your flight must be with Hawaiian. ⇒ Lisa: Forget capital ones United credit card pass…at DIA, they have set up an alternative lounge for all of us with credit card passes due to construction and it might as well be a bus station with off brand packaged snacks. Felt like expired leftovers. ⇒ Wojtyna: Buy a first class ticket & you get a lounge pass for free usually depending on the airline ⇒ Erin: If you are a responsible consumer, the best way is by CC. But this does not work for everyone’s lifestyle. I travel a lot for work and we travel as a family whenever we can too. So for me, the American Express Reserve card and its annual fee of $650, with all the perks, is a great deal. For my husband it’s not as great of deal so he is going to switch next year to

What kind of pillow is best for neck arthritis?

 The Question: I have arthritis in my neck. No matter what pillows I've tried they don't help. Anyone know of a pillow or  whatever that really works and doesn't cost an arm and a leg? What did people say? ⇒ Suzanne: Arthritis is inflammation. Things that can be done to lower inflammation is to watch carbs and sugars in your diet as they are inflammatory. Increase hydration to lessen inflammation. Look up an anti inflammatory diet. Using hemp or CBD to lessen inflammation. Speaking from experience. ⇒ Dawn: My pillow. Turned what felt like arthritis in my neck to non existing. :D ⇒ Cyndy: I like down pillows because they can easily be manipulated into a shape that suits you. ⇒ Debra: I have that too, and I see a chiropractor that has really made a difference! ⇒ Nikki: I have to say. I invested in a pillow that did cost me an arm and a leg. It's worth the investment. I no longer wake up with headaches and I don't have to buy a new one every 3 months. ⇒ Michele: